Ne-Yo - 'Lazy Love' (Music Video)

Ne-Yo - 'Lazy Love' (Music Video)

Looks like someone's been doing serious work time in the gym! R&B star Ne-Yo shows off his killer abs in the music video for "Lazy Love", the first single from the 32-year-old's upcoming "R.E.D" album, due out in stores next September 19th via Universal Motown Records! 'Lazy Love' is a pretty good R&B track...I'm not gonna lie, I quiet enjoy it, but that doesn't mean I change my original opinion that Ne-Yo should've come forward with something different, at least for the first single. I think he's taking too many risks releasing a full R&B ballad. Anyway, back to the *steamy* recently-premiered 'Lazy Love' video - it was unveiled during Monday's episode of '106 & Park' on BET - it shows a very-toned Ne-Yo making love to his voluptuous co-star pretty much everywhere on their house, including the outdoor pool and garden. Check it out!

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neyo lazy love video

By on June 12, 2012

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