New Song: (feat. Miley Cyrus) - 'Fall Down' [Full]

New Song: (feat. Miley Cyrus) - 'Fall Down' [Full] and Miley Cyrus join forces on "Fall Down", a Dr Luke-produced dance-pop record that is featured on the Black Eyed Peas' frontman's upcoming fourth solo album, entitled "#willpower" due in stores on April 23 via Insterscope. Listen above!

Holy auto-tune! Guess everyone that wants to work with better be prepared to get their vocals so distorted. "Fall Down" is a kind of enjoyable dance-pop effort. The chorus ain't bad. Yet, I was expecting something 'more' out of this duet, not gonna lie. In "Fall Down", and Miley Cyrus sing as if they were a couple so in love they can't help to say cheesy lines to each other all the time such as; "Girl, you're like a doctor, when I'm sick, you always stitch me up", or "Boy, You can be my lollipop, let me let me lick you up". By the was, I was this close to start singing, "I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums" (Ke$ha's "Die Young") in the first seconds of the instrumental. So alike!

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By on April 16, 2013

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