New Song: The Wanted - 'Drunk On Love' [Full]

New Song: The Wanted - 'Drunk On Love' [Full]

Now wait a minute...this is amazing! Oh, the irony (and a great deal of frustration) when the b-side is better than the main single! British boyband The Wanted have recently released their new single "Walks Like Rihanna" on iTunes in Ireland, and with it, it comes the official b-side "Drunk on Love". I think this confirms their current obsession with Queen RiRi, as the Bajan superstar also has a song by the name "Drunk on Love". To be specific, it is part of her 2011 album "Talk That Talk". But now, listen above to The Wanted's new b-side

The British lads' "Drunk on Love" song is a TUNE. It's dance-pop, but it's not super, super generic. It's got a really catchy, and unique melody and uplifting lyrics. I don't know why it's giving me "Glad You Came" must be that melody. Ahhhh, how I wish this was The Wanted's official new single. It's soo good. Well, I guess if "Walks Like Rihanna" fails on the charts, then they could resort to "Drunk on Love". I seriously need live performances, and a music video for it. I'm addicted!

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By on June 21, 2013

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