New Song Premiere: Imagine Dragons - "Machine"

imagine dragons machine

“Origins” is going to be so good guys.

Imagine Dragons released a new song called “Machine” last night (Oct. 31) on digital platforms. However, the real world exclusive happened on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show a few minutes earlier than the digital launch where “Machine” was given its ‘first play’ and where the members of Imagine Dragons sat down for an interview. “Machine” will be part of the band’s upcoming fourth studio album “Origins” – which arrives in stores on November 9th. Will “Machine” just be a “countdown single” or an “official single”? I’m kind of guessing it’s the former given Imagine Dragons are currently busy promoting “Zero” but I honestly would love that it was the second option. “Machine” is amazing! It’s really going to be hard for Imagine Dragons to not release all the songs on “Origins” as singles. So far every track I’ve heard is stunning.

'Cause I've been wondering / When you gonna see I'm not for sale / I've been questioning / When you gonna see I'm not a part of your machine”, sings Dan Reynolds in the chorus of the newly-released Imagine Dragons track. “Machine” is sing-alongey, it’s anthemic, the melody is unreal, and I’m just loving the “give zero f*cks”, “I’m a free b*tch, baby” vibes this song serves.


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By on November 1, 2018
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