New Song Premiere: Ellie Goulding - "Close To Me"

ellie goulding close to me

Today’s the day! Ellie Goulding is back!

Ellie premiered her new single “Close To Me” featuring Swae Lee tonight at 7:30 p.m British time on BBC Radio 1. Immediately after this exclusive first play, “Close To Me” was made available on all digital platforms. Produced by Diplo, “Close To Me” is the official first single from Ellie’s much-anticipated fourth studio album (the follow-up to 2015’s “Delirium”).

Repeat after me: “Close To Me” is going to be a huge hit.

Yes, it’s a little bit too poppy maybe but Ellie said tonight on her BBC Radio 1 interview that this first single isn’t really indicative of the rest of her upcoming album. So you see, it’s all good. This first single is going to be super “mainstream” but the rest of singles are for sure going to be a little bit more sophisticated and more “mature” if you will. But you know I love my poppy hits and I’m going to enjoy “Close To Me” no matter what my mind is telling me. A hit is a hit and it must be recognized.

I don't wanna be somebody without your body close to me / And if it wasn't you I wouldn't want anybody close to me”, vulnerably sings Ellie Goulding in the chorus – which is a total earworm. I mean, that melody! Come on!

Swae Lee works perfect in this song too - he definitely knows how to “behave” in a pop song - and Diplo gave “Close To Me” a super sweet beat. So yeah, I’m very obsessed with Ellie’s new single at the moment, I have it on massive repeat, and I just can’t wait to see it rise on the charts and see everybody kneeling down for the return of Queen Ellie.


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By on October 24, 2018
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