New Song: Natalia Kills - 'Problem'

New Song: Natalia Kills - 'Problem'

The fabulous and super-talented, yet underrated, Natalia Kills has recently premiered her brand new single "Problem", the first release from her upcoming 2nd LP "Trouble".

While there's no definitive release date for "Trouble" yet (although we know Cherrytree Records/Interscope are still backing Natalia up), we know "Problem" will hit iTunes next March 12. Make sure to buy a copy! The new song "Problem" is a grungy-pop record, with lots of electric guitars, 'filtered' vocals, hardcore attitude, and sassy lyrics. Natalia brings the unexpected one more time, and completely slays.

I'm not totally sure this will bring her to the 'mainstream' side that she kind of needs to save her career but as long as it is good music, I don't even care. "Problem" is dope, fierce, and perfection. Hear it with your headphones on at full volume, and be FREE. Here's hoping Nat's new single be the turning point of her career for good. It'll be hard though....if "Mirrors", "Wonderland" and "Free" passed unnoticed (except for Germany, Austria and Poland), then Ms Kills' going to have to work extra hard to make "Problem" relevant in the important markets.

What do you think of the song?

By on March 9, 2013
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