New Song: Louis Tomlinson - "Two of Us" [Review]

louis tomlinson two of us

Louis Tomlinson premiered his new single entitled "Two of Us" today (March 7) on digital platforms. In this song, the former One Direction star opens up about the death of her mother, Johannah Pulston Deakin, who passed away from leukemia in December 2016. "Even when I’m on my own, I know I won’t be alone / Tattooed on my heart are the words of your favourite song / I know you’ll be looking down, swear I’m gonna make you proud / I’ll be living one life for the two of us", Louis sings in the chorus. But the lyric that left me speechless the most was: "The day that they took you, I wish it was me instead". Wow.

"Two of Us" is so well-written. An undeniably beautiful and heartbreaking song.

Louis said the following on his new single in an interview today:

“She would have loved it, she was a fan of ballads. I knew I needed to write this song, but I was a bit scared of it… It was something I needed to get off my chest. I used to lean on my mum for a lot of things – anytime I needed advice on something she would be the first call I made.”


By on March 7, 2019
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