New Song: Jay Sean - 'Where You Are'

New Song: Jay Sean - 'Where You Are'

Distant are the days when British crooner Jay Sean used to top charts in Europe and North America with songs like "Down" or "Do You Remember". For in the last years, the London native has seen each of his releases; ("2012 (It Ain't the End)", "Hit The Lights", "I'm All Yours" to name a few) not perform as great, or simply shamelessly flop. Say either he's lost that 'magic touch', or people are not feeling him anymore, but Jay Sean isn't giving up and will finally, with no more delays (or so he says), put out his fourth studio album, and second with Cash Money in the US, called "Neon" on May 21.

The OFFICIAL first single (I can't at him making us believe now that "I'm All Yours", and "So High" were only buzz tracks) is titled "Where You Are". A pretty R&B-pop mid-tempo that has just surfaced online. Listen below!

Guitar-driven, it's got an 'optimistic' feeling, Jay Sean focuses on vocals and singing sweet lyrics to her lady whom he doesn't want to, ever, ever leave. The intro is pretty funny, by the way. With all those 'yeahs, and yos', I swear I was listening to the beginning parts of Cher Lloyd's "Oath" or Jessie J's "Price Tag". Now that I think about it, doesn't "Where You Are" remind you in some way to those songs?. Hmmm. anyway. Jay Sean's new single sounds good, but not sure if good enough to make a huge impact on radios nowadays. Is there room for this type of song?. Could it feel a bit dated?. He's going to have to work really hard to make "Where You Are" a Top 40 hit in the US.

Hit or Miss?

By on February 26, 2013
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