New Song: Ashanti - 'Never Should Have'

New Song: Ashanti - 'Never Should Have'

Ashanti expresses her disappointment for her relationship going sour in the emotional ballad "Never Should Have", the newest single from the R&B songstress' upcoming fifth studio album "Braveheart" due in US stores on June 4, 2013 via Written Entertainment.

The heartbreak slow jam is produced by Mansur, should be hitting radio waves in early April, and Ms Ashanti is working with Sanji on its music video. "Never Should Have" is a pretty tune. It's really sweet, and there's something almost 'anthemic' about it. Might sound somewhat 'dated', and 'dry' for some, but I have the feeling "Never Should Have" can do a decent job on Urban radios and charts. It's clearly much better than that huge flop "That's What We Do". Still, I'm hoping any major label gives Ashanti a new chance. 'Cause keeping on with this independent just won't work, and she knows that.

What do you think of the song?

By on March 26, 2013

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