New Music: Whitney Houston - 'Celebrate'

New Music: Whitney Houston - 'Celebrate'

This is it! Listen now and cherish every second of the last recording made by legendary diva Whitney Houston before passing out - It's called "Celebrate", it is a duet with Jordin Sparks and is included on the soundtrack of the upcoming Salim Akil-directed musical film "Sparkle", which will hit U.S theaters August 17th. The movie is said to be inspired in The Supremes, so don't expect "Celebrate" to sound like a current R&B tune, with a blasting production. No, the Whitney and Jordin duet is a 70's-feeling uplifting uptempo. It's pretty! You can feel that despite Whitney not having her crystal power vocals anymore, she still sang "Celebrate" from the heart. And as for Jordin, what can I say? She's just an amazing vocalist. The mix of both voices worked great. By th way, how cool would it be to see "Celebrate" hit #1 on the charts? It'd be a great last 'present' to Whitney. "Celebrate" was produced by R.Kelly. Celebrate life y'all!

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By on May 21, 2012

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