New Music: Traci Braxton - "Last Call"

traci braxton last call cover

Hey Toni! Tamar! You may be facing new fierce competition from a member of your own family! It’s Traci Braxton! The 43-year-old R&B songstress released today, July 15th, without previous notice, on iTunes her debut single "Last Call". The R&B ballad is the first single from Traci’s upcoming album “Crash & Burn”, due in stores this Fall.

Hey cupid, why you looking stupid? / You got an arrow don’t you? Won’t you use it?”, sings Traci in the heartfelt R&B number that hears Ms. Braxton using auto-tune at moments. Not that much though! “Last Call” is about a heart-broken Traci who feels that true love has been elusive for her for so long and that she’s thinking about giving up on it for good. But she’ll let herself have one last call, one last shot.

She may be not have the vocal range of Toni or Tamar, but Traci’s passionate singing proves to be enough to make “Last Call” a pretty remarkable debut single!

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By on July 15, 2014
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