New Music: Timbaland - 'Hands In The Air'

New Music: Timbaland - 'Hands In The Air'

Super-producer Timbaland teams up with Ne-Yo on the festive party anthem "Hands In The Air", a brand new track that will appear on the 'Step Up Revolution' soundtrack coming July 17! Now this is miles better than that collaboration with Dev called 'Break Ya Back', which sounded like a hot mess TBH. "Hands In The Air" has a much 'fresher' production if we compare it to Timbaland's recent stuff (hallelujah!), and overall the song is pretty damn catchy! I totally have to admit it. By the way, Ne-Yo again proves he's one of the best R&B acts (another example is Kelly Rowland) who can 'cross over' to the dance genre without a flaw.

What do you think of the song?

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By on June 20, 2012

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