New Music: The Script - "Hail Rain Or Sunshine" [Audio]

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The Script fans, you are in for a treat this Sunday morning. The Irish band have made a new track from their upcoming fourth album "No Sound Without Silence” available for individual purchase on iTunes today (September 7th). The track’s called “Hail Rain or Sunshine”, it’s No. 11 on the tracklisting of the album, and it's written by all three The Script members Mark Sheehan, Daniel O’Donoghue, James Barry. "No Sound Without Silence” is out in just two weeks – September 15 – so this new track will definitely help to help keep the appetite of you – fans – in check for the time being.

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“Hail Rain or Sunshine” song review

This is a song you’ll want to hear on a Monday morning before you go to work. “We head to work / We catch a lift / We have a smoke / Can we start this shift?”, sings an energy-lacking Daniel O’Donoghue in the first seconds of “Hail Rain or Sunshine”. But before you know it, Danny will inject optimism by remembering; "Yeah we always have a good time / Whether it's hail rain or in sunshine / Yeah we're all living the good life”. So even if you’re tired of your job, just deal with it because before you know it your shift will be over and you’ll hang out with your friends or it’s Friday night.

The Script's “Hail Rain or Sunshine” definitely has some Irish hymns influence. I like the song, but I’ll keep this as album track only and not use it as single.

Hit or Miss?

By on September 7, 2014
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