New Music: Taio Cruz - 'Don't You Dare'

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Look who’s back! It’s Taio Cruz. The British singer who was had it all, fame and fortune, and ruled the worldwide charts with monster hits such as ‘Break Your Heart’ or ‘Dynamite’ a few years ago, is currently lost. He’s lost his magic touch, his last album, 2011's 'T.YO' did not perform as expected, and its lead single 'Hangover' debuted at #180 in the UK, while the US completely gave Taio the back, making the singles not chart anywhere, and therefore not allowing Taio to release 'T.YO' in the US. The British man then tried to revamp the album adding new songs including the single ‘Fast Car’, but since the US didn’t support that song either, all US release plans were scrapped.

Going hiatus for the last three years, Taio is now looking to pull a comeback in 2014. He's enlisted hitmaker Dr. Luke to produce for him his new single. 'Don't You Dare' has recently surfaced online and it's expected to hit iTunes in August. 'Don't You Dare' is the first single from Taio's upcoming fourth studio album, '#Black'.

Is 'Don't You Dare' the perfect song to save Taio’s diminishing career? Sadly, it is not. The song is so generic (although sometimes I like generic), but moreover, it's so basic! I refuse to believe Dr. Luke actually produced this. So lazy! Plus, jumping right now on the country/dance bandwagon? Come on, Taio! Avicii and 'Timber' are things of the past! *sighs*. I really want him to do well again because 'Break Your Heart' and 'Dynamite' were my jams back in the day. But he's just 'lost it'. What happened? Maybe he has no place in the current music scene? 'Don't You Dare' is not really awful, it's just too weak, and if I were him I wouldn’t spend great amounts of money promoting it because it totally has the word ‘flop’ written all over it. Sorry, Taio.

Hit or Miss?

By on June 21, 2014
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