New Music: Skylar Grey - "I Know You" [Full / Review]

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Wow. What a song! Skylar Grey’s “I Know You” just screams “major scene placement”.

The heartfelt ballad is part of the “50 Shades of Grey” soundtrack and was released as an “iTunes countdown single” today (Feb. 3). And you know what? It only took a matter of hours for Skylar Grey’s “I Know You” to reach #1 on the iTunes Main Songs Chart. HUGE!

Now I don’t know if it will stay at the top for long (probably not) but the fact that it got to that position being “I Know You” a SOLO Skylar Grey song deserves major kudoz.

Everybody thinks of Skylar Grey as an excellent songwriter but not as an outstanding solo recording artist. She’s enjoyed major success, though, as a guest artist on singles of high-profile singers such as Diddy’s “Coming Home”, Eminem’s “I Need A Doctor” or most recently Nicki Minaj’s “Bed of Lies”, but as a solo artist she’s failed epically. Her 2013 album “Don't Look Down” was a major commercial disaster, even though it was executive produced by Eminem.

So what’s happening right now? Solo Skylar Grey #1?

“I Know You” song review

Could it be the fact this is part of the “50 Shades of Grey” soundtrack why “I Know You” has gone #1? Or is just that people are really loving the song?

Well, in my case, I should say it’s a bit of both. I’m really loving the song but also, since I’m super anticipating the film premiere, I’m kind of obsessed with the soundtrack and imagining what scene each song is going to be placed on. “I Know You” sounds like the perfect song to include in the scenes when Christin Grey and Anastasia Steele have a major discussion and they’re trying to get together. “I believe there's love in you Grid locked on the dusty avenues, Inside your heart, just afraid to go”, sings Skylar in “I Know You” and it’s exactly what Anastasia Steele probably told Christina too to get him back!

Hit or Miss?

By on February 3, 2015
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