New Music: Skrillex (feat. Chance The Rapper) - 'Coast Is Clear'

Skrillex (feat. Chance The Rapper) - 'Coast Is Clear'

New Music: Skrillex (feat. Chance The Rapper) - 'Coast Is Clear'

Los Angeles music producer Skrillex and Chicago Hip-Hop artist Chance The Rapper first debuted their collaboration 'Coast Is Clear' live in New York last month and tonight (March 10th) the official studio version has finally been released.

"What's your interest? Who you be with? Can I ask a question? Can you keep a secret? I don't really give a.." flows Chance The Rapper over the jazzy fast-paced instrumental. 'Coast Is Clear' is just the first of many collaborations between the two. Skrillex told XXL last month they're "all working on projects together" and as you can see in the picture above, Mike Will Made It's in the mix as well.

'Coast Is Clear' was first heard on Skrillex's 'Alien Ride' app when it went live earlier tonight. Users who download the app will be allowed to stream several songs off of Skrillex's 'Recess' album, which will be hitting stores on March 18th. Take a listen to the track below.


By on March 11, 2014

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