New Music: Robbie Williams - 'Candy'

Three years after his last solo album, British pop star Robbie Williams readies a comeback with the upcoming release of what would be his ninth studio work "Take The Crown" on November 5 via Universal Records! The first single is called "Candy", and world premiered on Radio 1 on Monday...Listen above!

Written by Take That's frontman Gary Barlow, "Candy" is a quite catchy, quite enjoyable pop number which Robbie described as; "It's a summer song about a girl who thinks she's great...and she might be, but she's a bit nefarious with her ways". The trumpet bits I like, and the chorus I love. The verses are good too, but with that amazing chorus I just want the verses to pass quick, so the catchy, super infectious part comes. Overall, "Candy" isn't Robbie's best single ever, by miles, but it's a good radio-friendly song, a wise first single choice, and a most likely #1 contender in the UK. Sucks Robbie described "Candy" as a summer song (I agree) but shame it just missed the season! LOL. I guess his label thought Fall would be more beneficial sales and impact-wise?. "Candy" gets released in the UK on OCTOBER 29th.

What do you think of "Candy"?

By on September 10, 2012
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