New Music: Natalie La Rose (ft. Fetty Wap) - "Around The World" [Audio / Review]

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Dutch singer Natalie La Rose, famed for her “Somebody” hit in the US, just gave Top 40 radios the green light to premiere her next single “Around The World” featuring rapper Fetty Wap (another rapper? When are we going to get a solo single from her? Is her label Republic worried she might flop without a “more famous” collaborator?). Check out at the bottom of this page a radio rip coming from a Miami radio station (HQ coming soon! – as single is out June 16 on iTunes).

Natalie wants to give it to her boyfriend all around the planet

Is she a nympho? I don’t think so. Natalie La Rose just likes to sexually please her boyfriend a lot; like literally everywhere they travel to. Normal, right?

Genres identified in this song: electronic, house, urban and a teaspoon of island flavor.

Is it a hit? To me it doesn’t sound like one. The pre/main chorus is catchy – that I will give the song – but the overall sound feels dated to me, and don’t get me started on how aweful Fetty Wap sounds in “Around The World”. He literally sounds like a dying cat (#truetea).

“Somebody” was less catchy but it had something unique (and well-executed, thought) that made it connect with the US audience, while “Around The World” sounds like “another one to the bunch” and I feel like it will underperform because of that. Having said this, though, I’m super looking forward to the sexy music video Natalie is going to certainly give us.

Natalie's "Somebody" EP is coming out SOON.

Hit or Miss?

By on June 2, 2015
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