New Music: Mika - 'Boum Boum Boum' [Audio + Review]

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This sounds like a bona-fide summer smash for French-speaking countries. Mika – the singer that will always be remembered for his monster hit 'Grace Kelly' - is looking to put out his fourth studio album later in 2014. The first single is the song 'Boum Boum Boum’, and just like he did for 2012's ‘The Origin of Love’ he’s chosen a French-language song to serve as lead single. Back in 2012, 'Elle Me Dit’ did really well in France, and Belgium and even charted on Canada’s Hot 100. So, is the song 'Boum Boum Boum’ a worthy successor of 'Elle Me Dit’? Stream and find out below!

'Boum Boum Boum’ was released on iTunes on June 11th, and it is co-written by Mika and French singer-songwriter Doriand (42-year-old).

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'Boum Boum Boum’ has three great features: An easy chorus, cute French and summer vibe! It’s not as INSTANT as 'Elle Me Dit’ but I don’t see any difficulty for it to become smash in France or Belgium this summer. For those non French-speaking, let us hope Mika doesn’t take too long ton bring us that English single.

Mika’s newest single 'Boum Boum Boum’ has a Latin music-flavoured production (makes me wanna hit a Salsa club right now), a feel-good vibe and its lyrics talk about Mika and his partner in love loving to make 'the act of love' everywhere they go!

Hit or Miss?

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By on June 11, 2014
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