New Music: Michelle Williams - Love Gun

If you liked Michelle Williams' pop side from her 'Unexpected' album, then you're in for a treat! The Destiny's Child star will be releasing her fourth studio project later in 2011, and she has confirmed the new album will be filled with 'pop' songs, although following the new music trends, that is, dance music! Yes, Michelle wants a hit like "When Love Takes Over" or "Dirty Talk". The new album is scheduled to hit stores after the summer, and when talking about it recently to ConcreteLoop, the American star said: "My album will be ‘inspirational pop.’ Think of Katy Perry’s ‘Fireworks’ or Natasha Beddingfeld’s ‘Unwritten.’ I want to give people a message of hope while at the same time get them moving with dance inspired tracks.". Interesting, huh? I have no problems hearing a new 'Firework'.

The official lead single is a song called "On The Run" which Michelle recorded earlier this year in Germany and whose music video was shot last month in the party island of Ibiza in sunny Spain. This will be released 'soon', however, Michelle has given us today a 'taster' of what we can expect from her new album production-wise. Listen above to the buzz track "Love Gun", produced by Druski. Sounds cool! The beat is very retro though. She's gonna need something more fist-pumping and modern if she wants to do well on radios. In any case, this is just a buzz track. The real hot beats are reserved for the album I assume.

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By on July 6, 2011
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