New Music: M.I.A - "Y.A.L.A" (Full)

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M.I.A unleashes her imaginative talent again in "Y.A.L.A" (You Always Live Again), the newest single to be released from the British rapper's forthcoming album "Matangi", due in stores November 5th. Listen to "Y.A.LA" below.

She's probably not going to receive much airplay with "Y.A.L.A" either, but one thing's for certain, M.I.A always gets the hottest beats. This is fire. Her flow is killer too! "Y.A.L.A" is kind of a reponse to Drake's "YOLO". "If you only live once why we keep doing the same sh*t?", asks M.I.A. Put your headphones on, turn the volume up, and let M.I.A's hard-hitting beat uplift your spirit! "Matangi" needs to get here ASAP.

Hit or Miss?

By on October 21, 2013
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