New Music: Lupe Fiasco (feat. Ab-Soul & Troi) – ‘They Resurrect Over New’

Lupe Fiasco - Tetsuo & Youth

On January 20th, Lupe Fiasco will be releasing his fifth studio LP 'Tetsuo & Youth' via Atlantic Records. Today we present a new and the second to last track on the long awaited album called ‘They Resurrect Over New’ featuring TDE rapper Ab-Soul and Los Angeles singer Troi.

'They Resurrect Over New' is produced by DJ Dahi, as a good portion of the records on 'Tetsuo & Youth' are. The track spans just over five minutes and heavily references the arcade video game Tron where you advance through levels by completing them. Lupe provides two lengthy verses, Troi adds her vocals to the hook and outro, and Ab-Soul adds in a fitting verse of his own.

"It's a new year every time I open my hands. Thoughts moving circles in a false universal. Your consumers throwing salt in a circle" raps Chicago-born Lupe.

'Testuo & Youth' is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon. Along with Ab-Soul and Troi, guest features on the 16-track project include names like Ty Dolla $ign, Crystal Torres, Nikki Jean, Guy Sebastian, and Terrace Martin. Hit play and stream ‘They Resurrect Over New’ below.


By on January 16, 2015
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