New Music: Lupe Fiasco (ft. Crystal Torres) - "Adoration of the Magi"

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January 20th is approaching. In exactly 15 days Lupe Fiasco's fifth studio album "Tetsuo & Youth” will arrive in stores courtesy of Atlantic Records, but today (Dec. 5) a brand new track has been liberated as "iTunes countdown single”; it’s the song that holds the 14th position on the tracklisting, the Crystal Torres-assisted “Adoration of the Magi”. Pre-order Lupe’s "Tetsuo & Youth” LP right now on Apple’s digital music platform and you will get this track as instant download, but if you’re on the fence or have no money, then use the stream(s) provided below.

After “Deliver” (lead single) and “Madonna” (first iTunes countdown single), here comes “Adoration of the Magi”. Will it be another Lupe Fiasco solid track?

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“Adoration of the Magi” song review

Of course it is a solid one! You may need a few listens to completely catchy everything Lupe is saying (we have you covered), but it’s all good because it’s that marvellous beat and mesmerizing signature flow of Lupe that just take this track to a whole ‘nother level. Having heard 3 tracks only, I'm just certain "Tetsuo & Youth” will snatch a few Grammys next year in the rap/hip-hop categories.

Hit or Miss?

By on January 5, 2015
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