New Music: Linkin Park - 'Rebellion' [Premiere]

linkin park rebellion

Linkin Park keep up with their hardcore rock sound on ‘Rebellion’, the latest track from the band’s forthcoming album ‘The Hunting Party’ that Chester Bennington and Co. have decided to share with fans via a lyric video premiere on YoutTube today, June 3rd.

Until It’s Gone’, ‘Wastelands’, and now ‘Rebellion’. ‘The Hunting Party’ gets released on June 17th – in just two weeks,–how many more tracks are Linkin Park planning to unveil before that date? Isn't it better to keep everything hidden till June 17th? For LinkinPark know their first-week sales are always massive!

chester and mike shinoda of linkin park applaud

As for the newly-released ‘Rebellion’, it’s track no. 8 on LP’s upcoming album, it’s hardcore rock, it features a makes-your-body-tremble production, Chester screams a lot, and the song features System of a Down’s Daron Malakian! Did you know he was still around? Neither did we! By the way, we wonder if Chester lost his voice after 'singing' that 'Rebellion, rebellion / We lost before the start / Rebellion, rebellion / One by one we fall apart' bridge?. Sick. Can't wait for 'The Hunting Party'!

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By on June 4, 2014
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