New Music: Lil' Kim - "Kimmy Blanco"

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New Music: Lil' Kim - "Kimmy Blanco"

Queen of delays Lil' Kim has dropped a new track called "Kimmy Blanco". She's giving out this freebie as an "I'm sorry" token to fans for having pushed back her long-awaited mixtape "Hard Core 2K13" yet again. The 13-song set was supposed to arrive first on Halloween Day, then it was delayed until Black Friday (that is, yesterday), however fans were shocked and disappointed when they saw time passed, Friday was ending and no "Hard Core 2K13" was on sight. Lil' Kim is delaying it again. She at least tweeted the official tracklist of the mixtape, confirming there'll be a duet with Miley Cyrus entitled "Bad Bitch". Miley has expressed her fan love for Queen Bee, so there is a high probability this is in fact an original recording and not a "Wrecking Ball" remix.

On the new "Hard Core 2K13" delay, Lil' Kim only posted on Twitter: "please standby". No new fixed release date for the mixtape yet. Maybe Christmas day?. As for the new track "Kimmy Blanco", I am perhaps needing a bit more energy on Kim's delivery in the verses, but all in all, "Kimmy Blanco" ain't a bad song. She's still got that dope flow going.

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By on November 30, 2013

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