New Music: Jay Sean - "Take That Off"

jay sean at 2013 emas in amsterdam

Jay Sean undresses his lady friend in his new single "Take That Off", the first offering from the British crooner's upcoming new mixtape "The Mistress Pt 2: Room Service", due to hit the Web for free download early this year.

I feel for Jay Sean. It must have been a shock for him going from topping the charts with hits such as; "Down" or "Do You Remember" to fall into complete oblivion. His last album "Neon" (July 2013) debuted at #113 on the US Billboard Top 200 only selling 3,608 copies. And most likely a thousand of them were Jay Sean's own purchases, ha.

Anyway, he's a talented guy, I know he's had legal problems with his older label, and now he's trying to take control of his career again. I enjoyed his first "Mistress" mixtape, and I'm definitely here for Part 2. Hopefully a new studio album will follow soon, and Jay Sean's re-captures his lost "magic touch". ""Down" is still my jam!

The first single from "The Mistress Pt 2: Room Service" is "That That Off". A sultry R&B track (with subtle synth elements in the production) in which Jay Sean tells his woman he loves her ten times better with her clothes off. Such a gentleman, huh?

Hit or Miss?

By on January 1, 2014
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