New Music: Jason Derulo - Make It Up As We Go

New Music: Jason Derulo - Make It Up As We Go

So with this new track "Make It Up As We Go" we now have one-third of Jason Derulo's upcoming sophomore album "Future History", available on retail/digital stores from September 27th - The sexy dance-ish R&B "Make It Up as We Go" serves as the second promo single from the iTunes countdown campaign, whose main aim is to increase the ancitipation for JD's new CD. I was really disappointed with the first promo track "That's My Shhh". It sounded like a desperate effort by Jason of trying to become Trey Songz, Jeremih for a second, with a 'baby-making song' theme, and super high-pitch vocals. However, "Make It Up as We Go" is more 'classic' Jason. Yeah, nice uptempo tune, reminds me somewhat of Usher's "Caught Up". In any case, it's good only as an album track. As a single it would flop badly.

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Radio smash or good album filler?

By on September 2, 2011

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