New Music: Giorgio Moroder (ft. Sia) - "Deja Vu" [Full Audio]

sia deja vu

One of the most-anticipated collaborations from legendary Italian DJ Giorgio Moroder’s forthcoming first album in 30 years “Deja Vu” (out June 12) is undoubtedly the title track featuring “Chandelier” star Sia. The Australian chanteuse has become overnight one of the hottest acts in the current music scene and a duet with her, besides being super difficult to get, is guaranteed to be amazing, because of the fact she will have something to do with the song-writing.

Deja Vu”, the debut collaboration between 74-year-old Giorgio and 39-year-old Sia, was released as an iTunes countdown single today (April 16), and it is a disco/funk track where the woman with the “Elastic Heart” sings about love and how she’s finally fallen for the right man, and has found her “baby”.

Perhaps a bit too of a happy song for Sia? Anyhow, the songwriting is great, the melody to die for, and Sia’s signature singing style is just so captivating!

Hit or Miss?

By on April 16, 2015
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