New Music: Flo Rida - "My House" [Full Song]

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New Music: Flo Rida - "My House" [Full Song]

Flo Rida slows the speed of his rapping in his new song "My House". And he does so to better entice a hot girl that he’s just opened the door of his home to and whom Flo Rida thinks won't be leaving anytime soon. Is he going to kidnap her? Nah, it's just that the Florida rapper is going to 'please' the girl so profoundly in one night that she won’t want to quit his side. “Morning comes and you know that you wanna stay”, says the “Wild Ones” star in the second verse of "My House".

From the EP “My House”

More than just a mere track, "My House" is the title track from the upcoming Flo Rida EP that he plants to release in partnership with Atlantic Records and Warner Music on April 7. The EP is going to come with 7 tracks and it seems like Flo Rida is going to unveil at least half of the songs from the set before it hits digital stores in three weeks in the form of “countdown singles”. Anything that means having the new music earlier, I’m down with!

Slower but still Flo Rida catchy

“My House” may not feature Flo’s usual fast rapping but it’s nevertheless a catchy song. That chorus sounds like radios’ best friend.

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