New Music: Fifth Harmony - "I'm In Love With A Monster" [Premiere]

fifth harmony im in love with a monster

Fifth Harmony lend their God-gifted fierce vocals to the soundtrack of “Hotel Transylvania 2”, the much-anticipated movie from Sony Pictures Animation that opens in theaters around the world on September 25th.

The brand new Fifth Harmony track, which will be given the title of ‘main song’ from the movie, used on the official trailer, and will appear on a prominent scene in “Hotel Transylvania 2”, is titled “I’m In Love With A Monster”. If you know what the movie is about, then no further explanation about the song title is needed.

I’m In Love With A Monster” was produced by hitmaker Harmony Samuels. The beat is all about pop-soul (is that trombone I'm hearing?), and the singing is all about sassiness and divalicious ad-libs. I like the combination of the two!

FYI: The full song surfaced online today, August 3rd, and an official digital release is expected to take place any day now.

Hit or Miss?

By on August 3, 2015
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