New Music: Ferras (feat. Katy Perry) - 'Legends Never Die'

ferras 2014 ep

Welcome back, Ferras. The LA-based singer-songwriter who broke into the music scene back in 2008 with his debut album “Aliens & Rainbows” and the moderate hit single “Hollywood’s Not America” (reached the Top 30 on mainstream radio and was featured as the ‘exit song’ on one of the episodes of ‘American Idol’ Season 7) is now pulling a comeback SIX years later. That’s a lot of time, huh?. “Aliens & Rainbows” was released under Capitol Records, and the new self-titled EP that Ferras just unexpectedly released on iTunes today, June 17, is also distributed via Capitol Records. So Ferras wasn’t fired from Capitol, but stayed within the label’s roster during all these six years of hiatus with no new music. It’s unbelievable Capitol would do something like this. Maybe he was indeed fired but has been re-signed recently? It's intriguing.

Whatever the case, we liked Ferras’ vocals back in 2008, and we are certainly loving them even more in 2014. The self-titled EP he just dropped on iTunes consists of five songs but definitely there is one highlight and that is ‘Legends Never Die’, a duet with labelmate Katy Perry! It looks like Capitol has found new confidence on Ferras as pairing him up with their most important artist (Katy) is a major thing.

katy perry duet with ferras

Legends Never Die’ is a beautiful ballad where Ferras shows off his elegant and humid vocals (doesn’t he sound John Legend-ish in the verses?), and Katy attempts to reach Ferras' vocal quality level. The song narrates the eternal life of the so-called 'legends' (lovers?). Very nice song! Ferras has the talent. But will he find a spot in the current music scene?

Hit or Miss?

By on June 17, 2014
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