New Music: Ed Sheeran - 'Afire Love'

Ed Sheeran - 'Afire Love'

Ed Sheeran announced on Twitter he'll be releasing a new track every single day this week and the British singer-songwriter delivers on the first day with 'Afire Love'. The heartfelt record sits at the No. 12 spot on his forthcoming highly anticipated LP 'X' (or 'Multiply').

"Things were all good yesterday, and then the devil took your memory, and if you fell to your death today, I hope that heaven is your resting place" sings the 23-year old musician. 'Afire Love' is definitely one of the more personal records found on 'X'. Sheeran began writing the song two weeks before the passing of his Grandfather, who had been dealing with Alzheimer's disease for close to twenty years. He finished writing the song at his funeral.

'X' can be purchased in stores come June 23rd. Another track from the album is expected to release tomorrow night. Pre-order on iTunes and listen to 'Afire Love' below.


By on June 15, 2014
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