New Music: David Guetta (feat. Skylar Grey) - "Shot Me Down" [Full Audio + Review]

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How could Nancy Sinatra allow this!? Sacrilege!

David Guetta and Skylar Grey have turned Nancy's "Bang Bang" classic into a EDM blasphemy. "Shot Me Down", how the new Guetta one-off single has been named, is scheduled for release on Beatport on January 20th. Who on earth is gonna buy this?.

Skylar, who shouldn't have agreed to record this, provides vocals in "Shot Me Down" repeating the original Nancy lyrics of the first verse and chorus twice. That's right; the track lasts 4:17 minutes, there's little lyrics, and a lot of David Guetta's "EDM"-ness

I don't like it. "Shot Me Down" is such a lazy and uninspired effort. Besides violating Nancy Sinatra's 1966 song, the odd beat change from dance music to the guitar doesn't really make a good least to my ears. Guetta has been playing "Shot Me Down" in his recent gigs, and "finally" is releasing the HQ studio edit. This isn't really part of his next album nor an official single, just a random song he decided to put out.

Hit or Miss?

By on January 19, 2014
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