New Music: The Chemical Brothers (feat. Miguel & Lorde) - "This Is Not A Game" [Full Audio]

chemical brothers this is not a game

Major hot new music alert! Zane Lowe just premiered tonight (Oct. 20th) on his BBC Radio 1 show a brand new The Chemicals Brothers track titled “This Is Not A Game”. The song is part of the soundtrack of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1” and it features Miguel and Lorde!!! Lorde, as you already must know, is curating the soundtrack, hers is the first single “Yellow Flicker Beat” and apparently, knowing she has all the control over the soundtrack she's decided to "play" a bit. One of her decisions as curator was to order a new Chemical Brothers song (their last original was "Further" in 2010) and that the new song they recorded featured her and Miguel! Huge!!

Check out an exclusive radio rip of “This Is Not A Game” below.

miguel this is not a game
lorde this is not a game

“This Is Not A Game” song review

The Chemical Brothers have produced a dark yet cool electronic beat for "This Is Not A Game". Miguel and Lorde do all the singing. Well, actually, it's Miguel the one who sings 99% of the song. Lorde intervenes scarcely with a few “there it is…”. It may hit you as a bit "weird" on the first listen, but "This Is Not A Game" is definitely a cool song. Miguel's vocals are fantastic as usual, Lorde's "moments" add an extra layer of "darkness" to the song, and the Chemical Brothers beat is captivating.

Hit or Miss?

By on October 20, 2014
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