New Music: Cascada - 'Glorious'

New Music: Cascada - 'Glorious'

Check out now the full version of Cascada's new song "Glorious", an upbeat dance anthem with which the German dance act will try to represent Germany at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest...Listen below!

Produced by Cascada's DJ Manian, and Yann Peifer, "Glorious" is a feel-good electro track which speaks about living life to the fullest. "Do you know it’s time to let yourself go?...I wanna live before I die...Tonight we can be glorious", sings band frontwoman Natalie Horler. "Glorious" is very Cascada in terms of production - it's dancey and features cool beat breaks - but they've certainly put more focus now in the lyrics. They are less uninspired (see Cascada's most recent singles: 'Night Nurse', or 'Pyromania'), and more with a 'goal'. Cascada wants to catch Eurovision viewers' attention and make them experience a 'glorious' feeling while watching their performance. 'Cause obviously Cascada will win the slot to represent Germany. This will be decided on a gala ('Unser Song für Malmö') on January 14th.

Can Cascada Win Eurovision 2013?

By on January 10, 2013
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