New Music: Alexandra Stan - "Give Me Your Everything" [Premiere]

alexandra stan official give me your everything cover art

Somebody needs to give Alexandra Stan a Guinness World Record certification. She’s definitely broken the record for the fastest consecutive single releases from a same album, hasn’t she? In only five months, the Romanian pop singer has released four official singles! The latest “Give Me Your Everything” has just been released on iTunes. Alexandra Stan’s forthcoming sophomore album “Unlocked” - follow-up to her 2011 hit debut “Saxobeats” - will arrive in stores on August 27th.

I’m very impressed at the speed rate Alexandra releases her singles. I guess she just wants to remain ‘fresh’ at all times. And releasing singles so fast helps the purpose.

“Give Me Your Everything” single review

“Unlocked” is going to be a super eclectic album. "Thanks for Leaving” was a pop ballad, "Cherry Pop" was J-Pop, “Dance” was ‘saxobeats’ music, and the newly-released single Give Me Your Everything” is dark Caribbean music. “Don't you be so hard on me / If you love me, come and give me your everything”, begs Alexandra Stan in the chorus of her fourth “Unlocked” single. It’s a love song about Ms. Stan asking her man for more love and less ‘hard’ moments. The best way to describe the song is as a sexy dark Caribbean music song. It’s very Rihanna circa “A Girl like Me”.

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Hit or Miss?

By on August 21, 2014
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