New Music: Adam Lambert - “Welcome To The Show” [Full Version]

adam lambert welcome to the show 2016

The new music from Adam Lambert is already here!

This Thursday morning (March 17) the “new single” from the “American Idol” Season 8 runner-up and the current replacement of Freddie Mercury in the band Queen was released on iTunes. The song is titled “Welcome To The Show” and it is a Max Martin production, it is co-written by Ali Payami (famous for his lyrical work with The Weeknd or Taylor Swift), and it features up-and-coming Swedish singer Laleh.

In a press release send out earlier this week, Adam Lambed talked about the new song and what it was about:

“I wanted to surprise my fans with a new, uplifting anthem for the spring. I asked Max Martin for help and he paired me up with two great writers and producers; Ali Payami, who worked with me on ‘Ghost Town,’ and Swedish star Laleh who is also a featured vocalist on the track. I feel this song will give people strength to be exactly who they are”

In “Welcome To The Show”, Adam impresses us once again with his out-of-this-world good vocals, and production-wise; it isn’t the deep-house tune I was expecting, but it is a synth-pop track with a rock-y edge. Very ANTHEMIC and very in the line of what Adam had to offer in his most-recent studio album “The Original High”.

The real reason behind this “new single” I think I have discovered. Adam will be performing “Welcome To The Show” tonight (March 17) on “American Idol” - at one of the last episodes of the VERY LAST season of the show that made him famous, to be more precise. It seems that his label thought it was only right to take advantage of this opportunity - for “Idol” executives welcome alumni with open arms, and give them priority for performances slots - and have him record a one-off “new single” to have an excuse to be on the show. Because from it sound, “Welcome To The Show” doesn’t seem to be a prelude, or first single of Adam’s fourth studio album. That he has yet to start recording I believe.

Hit or Miss?



By on March 17, 2016
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