New Keri Hilson Song "Dinero" Previewed at Party (Listen) / Comeback Ready?

keri hilson dinero

(Dinero! Dinero! Dinero!) Make it rain for Keri Hilson because she wants them dollar bills! It’s believed that the R&B singer has been hard at work on her third studio album for the last four years but we had yet to hear a snippet of a new song or something. It was getting to the point that either Interscope had categorized Keri’s “No Boys Allowed” (2010) follow-up as “top secret” or she had scrapped the whole thing and was focusing on other projects. Well, I have good news for you, hardcore Keri Hilson fans (I’m calling you “hardcore” fans because you have to be “hardcore” to still be fans of an artist who doesn't release new music in four years and barely talks about her future): a new song has been previewed!!!

Pretty Girl Rock” star Keri Hilson was getting her life at a club last night (Dec. 8) at a private, friends-only party in celebration of her 32nd birthday and one of the songs she murdered the dancefloor with was a brand new song of hers called “Dinero” ("money" in Spanish). A snippet of the hot urban jam can be heard on the 15-sec video R&B star Monica (she's apparently a good friend of Keri) kindly uploaded on Instagram for us. You can watch in the clip Ms. Hilson jamming to her own track too. Thanks Monica’s caption we know that “Dinero” was produced by Polow Da Don.

Not sure if “Dinero” sounds like something you dedicate four years to record but it’s definitely kind of hot. Urban banger for sure! And Keri looks cute with her braids do. Does this new song snippet means her comeback is at last ready? Exciting times ahead!


By on December 9, 2014
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