N.E.R.D Misuse Rihanna In Tragic Comeback Single "Lemon": Stream

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What a waste of a Rihanna feature.

N.E.R.D, the famous early-2000s band made of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shay Haley, is making a comeback. They released today their first new single in seven years. Entitled “Lemon”, the mainstream-urban track features none other than queen of Barbados Rihanna. Alongside the single release on digital platforms this Wednesday afternoon, N.E.R.D also premiered the official music video for “Lemon” on their YouTube channel. The music video sees Rihanna playing the role of a barber and shaving the head of a random girl, who will then debut her new “do” by dancing like the world will end tomorrow at a local mall. That’s right, Rihanna only appears for a few seconds in the opening of the video. The Rihanna “wasting” is double then.

We’re not feeling “Lemon” at all. It sounds tragic and almost annoying sonically. We tried to bop to it because Rihanna was in it but we really couldn’t. The beat seems infectious, you might start to jam to it a little bit but then it really gets too old too quickly. And slightly annoying. You know what “Lemon” reminded us of? Fergie’s “You Already Know”. It’s almost the same vibe, with the exception that Fergie executed the idea better and she has the better song. But you know what will be sad? That N.E.R.D and Rihanna’s “Lemon” will surpass Fergie’s “You Already Know” in success and that’s just sad. If Rihanna wasn’t on this song, you can bet anything “Lemon” would be a tremendous flop. So, N.E.R.D wasted the opportunity of using Rihanna and made her record a tragic song, and they wasted our time by shooting a music video where Rihanna only appears for 5 seconds. Next.

By on November 1, 2017
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