Neon Trees: "Sleeping with a Friend" Performance on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

neon trees jimmy fallon live

Things are going fast for Neon Trees. The alternative pop-rock band released their new single, the "friends with benefits" anthem, "Sleeping with a Friend" on iTunes only last weekend (January 11), and before the song is a week-old Neon Trees are already promoting it on television. The Tyler Glenn-led band performed "Sleeping with a Friend" on NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon". Watch video below!

neon trees perform on jimmy fallon
neon trees performance on jimmy fallon

Oh my. Tyler is so skinny. I wouldn't mind if he gained some weight. Anyways, Neon Trees' performance last night was solid. "Sleeping with a Friend" is a nice single release, although, as I stated in my review, it is no "Everybody Talks". That song was flaw-less. Pop and rock perfection. "Everybody Talks" was certified double platinum in the US, and it peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Neon Tress' biggest hit to date. And the song that secured the existance of a third studio album for them.

"Sleeping with a Friend" is good, but Neon Trees are really gonna have to promote it hugely if they want it to become a hit. 'Cause contrary to "Everybody Talks", this isn't as "instant". "Sleeping with a Friend" the first single from the band's forthcoming third studio album entitled "Pop Psychology", due in stores on April 22.

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By on January 17, 2014
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