"Naughty" Bebe Rexha Is Ready To Do It: New Song Premiere

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"Naughty" Bebe Rexha Is Ready To Do It: New Song Premiere

Last week Bebe Rexha promised her fans to given them an “unreleased” song if they made her new single “Meant To Be” reach the Top 10 on iTunes. The fans did their part but Bebe didn’t. At least she didn’t do it the following day, the day she promised to drop the “unreleased” song. She blamed it on the fact she needed more time to “clear it” with the producer and his team before she put it up on SoundCloud. If she had done it without the full authorization of the producer, she would have been sued, Bebe said. So more days passed and finally this past Sunday she released her “unreleased” track. Entitled “Naughty”, this urban pop song was produced by DJ Mustard. The track, which is in unfinished, demo form, was intended for inclusion on one of Bebe’s released EPs. With the premiere of “Naughty” in this way on SoundCloud, it is made officially that the song won’t ever be finalized and that it won’t ever be included on an official Bebe Rexha project nor that it will be a single. And this is sad. “Naughty”, although being a bit of a cliché of a song, it’s “good”, and it’s so something radio would love to put on blast and on repeat. We haven’t been able to stop bopping to it ever since our first listen. As of the writing of this post, we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve repeated “Naughty”. It’s very infectious, we must warn.

Let me pour a drink all over my body / Let me do a dance, let me do a dance that you like / Baby, let me be naughty”, sings Bebe Rexha in her unreleased track. “Naughty” is an ode to the prelude to a good night of sex.

By on October 30, 2017

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