Natalie La Rose - "Around The World" [Music Video Premiere!]

natalie la rose around the world video
natalie la rose around the world video premiere

Natalie La Rose picks up a lost passport, with several immigration stamps on it from countries all around the world, from the ground and she imagines herself in all of those distant lands in the music video for “Around the World”, which premiered last night (July 24) on VEVO. The Fetty Wap-assisted island-flavored R&B/pop record is the newest single from Amsterdam-native singer Natalie La Rose’s forthcoming debut album, out in stores later this year on Republic Records.

Around the World” is a cool record, it’s definitely an intelligent release for the summer, but unfortunately it’s not as strong as “Somebody” in my opinion. And Natalie really needed a strong, worthy second single to fully consolidate her career in the US. I have my fingers crossed for her… hopefully radio will love “Around the World” as much as they did “Somebody” and that makes Natalie’s new single obtain high chartings. I don’t want her to leave the US and go back to being a local singer in The Netherlands just yet. She’s talented but she definitely should’ve waited till having recorded the PERFECT second single.

natalie la rose japan

The “Around the World” music video shows Natalie La Rose being an exotic waitress at an exotic restaurant at an exotic island in the Caribbean. As an annoying customer leaves the establishment, he drops his heavily-used passport on the ground. Natalie picks it up and instead of immediately returning it, she looks at the country stamps it’s got and she imagines herself at those destinations. Natalie will take her ‘dance party’ to India, Japan and other places…

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By on July 25, 2015
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