Nadine Coyle Releases Career-Saving Pop Single "Go To Work": Audio

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Nadine Coyle Releases Career-Saving Pop Single "Go To Work": Audio

Former Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle released last week her first single in years – in seven years, to be more precise. After the British girl group took a hiatus time, Nadine went solo in 2010 and released that same year her debut album called “Insatiable”, which she was able to produce thanks to a deal with Tesco – as in the British supermarkets chain. To cut a long story short, talented and beautiful Nadine f*cked it up big time. Her lead single was a disaster and the sales of her debut solo album were a disaster. It was all a big Tesco mess. A couple of years later, Girls Aloud reunited for a new single and a second greatest hits album and subsequently they did a support tour. And then they official disbanded. Meaning Nadine had again nothing do. Ever since those days, Nadine has kept it very low key. She’s appeared in some TV specials and has recorded collaborations (like 2015’s “I Could Be” with Shane Filan). Fast forward to present time, Nadine has signed a new recording deal with Virgin EMI in the UK and just a few days ago she released her first single in a very long time – “Go to Work”.

This dance-pop track is a dancefloor anthem that will make party-goers just lose it to the beat and women feel more empowered. Why? Because of its lyrics. “Go to Work” hears Nadine Coyle basically forcing her lazy, good-for-nothing boyfriend to either go out and get well-paying job ASAP so he can spoil her like she deserves or face a dramatic break up. Ladies, is this a familiar situation? Then play “Go to Work”, turn all the volume up on your speakers, and sing Nadine’s new single to your lazy boyfriend and tell him how fed up you are with him for once and for wall. Make this song his wake up call.




This is exactly the kind of pop music we needed to receive from Nadine. Welcome back, queen. Now let’s pretend “Insatiable” never existed. Let’s start fresh. This is your solo debut! Request on radio and stream!!!! This could be Nadine’s last shot in the mainstream industry and we cannot let her fall into oblivion again. Her talent is too immense to go to waste.

By on September 12, 2017

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