Nadine Coyle Performs on 'Paul O'Grady'

The stunning Nadine Coyle delivered the first televised performance of her newest single "Insatiable" on The Paul O'Grady Show on Friday. The pop star and former Girls Aloud member will release on November 8th her highly-anticipated debut solo album of the same name as the single. Much have been talked regarding Coyle's decision to record her album under an independent label and distribute it via Tesco (UK supermarket chain) all to get full creative control of the project. I thought the music video - whose budget was visibly limited - would be an indicator of the 'money' she got to promote the new CD but seems I was wrong. She will get to do a few big profile TV appearances in Britain. 'Paul O'Grady' was one of them, and other examples could be 'Graham Norton' and 'The Album Chart Show' next week. Not bad at all. However, it's quite obvious an X Factor performance would be the icing on the cake before "Insatiable", the single, is released next Monday but her rumored 'rivalry' with Chery Cole (X Factor judge) although she denies it, could have been the reason why she didn't score that gig. Anyhow, check out in this same entry Nadine NAILING "Insatiable", hot vocals! and later performing the classic "I Put a Spell on You". Also, watch the little interview she had with Paul O'Grady. Possible GA reunion? I hope so!

By on October 30, 2010
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