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’s “Nights With You” has been my jam for about a month now and I’m so happy to find out a music video is finally out for it! It came out on VEVO just an hour or so ago.

Nights With You”, a powerful love declaration to a guy from MØ, is said to be an official single from the Danish singer’s much-anticipated second studio album which rumor has it will be released in stores at some point in 2017 via RCA Records (we’ve been waiting for that new album since 2014 so it better be true it’s coming out this year! Else I’ll be SO disappointed).



Shot by the House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party - which sits on the peak of Mount Buzludzh in Bulgaria, the “Night With You” music video sees MØ doing choreography in a deep concrete setting, doing choreography in front of a monument of two gigantic communist hands holding torches, doing all kind of poses in front of a burning wall, and joining a night time street party (filled colorful lights) taking place next to a dangerous car racing tricks test zone.

Don’t want to sound offensive, but how does MØ get her label to give her such high budgets to shoot these music videos? They’re just incredible and get better and better, and more expensive, and more expensive with each release. MØ’s clearly not the most profitable artist in RCA so I wonder how she does it… or does she pay for them herself?


I simply love everything about this music video. From the concept to the production. Shooting it in Bulgaria? Only MØ could do it! She definitely did her research looking for cool locations for this music video and her intense Google search certainly paid off. What an incredible site this communist monument/area is!

Oh, I also lived a bit for MØ’s intense facial expressions and quirky dance moves. She knows she ain’t a dancer but she has fun with it and I like that. This music video gets an A+ from me. Bravo!

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By on May 22, 2017
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