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lana del rey lust for life video
lana del rey lust for life video premiere

The “Lust for Life” music video was allegedly supposed to come out a few hours later but since some Chinese website leaked the full, edited thing earlier this Monday afternoon, Lana and Interscope Records had no other choice but to rush-release the official music video on VEVO before schedule. So, here it is. The “Lust for Life” music video featuring Canadian crooner The Weekend and directed by Rich Lee.

The music video is five minutes long and these will be the most glorious five minutes of your life, I assure you.


The “Lust for Life” music video opens with Lana del Rey doing a simple 1, 2, 3 choreography with two backup singers standing on white platforms in the back while she wears a cute red dress, a cute red head band, adorable lace gloves, adorable high knee socks, and a pair or red short heel shoes. Lana will continue doing the choreography until the first chorus comes and she decides to leave the set running. Where will she go? She will magically run onto Mount Lee, where the famous Hollywood Sign is located. Lanita will climb up the stairs and she will join The Weeknd who is waiting for her at the top of the “H” letter. There, the American and the Canadian singers will start singing together, flirt, having "sex" with their eyes, caressing each other, removing their clothes (well, just one piece. The Weeknd will take off, take off Lana’s red head band), and so on. Then, after contemplating a stunning view of the Los Angeles downtown skyline at nighttime, the time for more running will come. Lana will start running and jumping from letter to letter until she reaches the final “D”, and off to the unknown she will do. She will slide down, quickly followed by The Weeknd, and the two will finish their song and music video lying down on a garden filled with yellow roses *camera zooms out*.

JUST WOW! You literally have no idea of how jealous I am of The Weeknd for having shared such incredible moments with Lana in this music video.


This is by far one of my favorite Lana del Rey music videos ever, if not my favorite. The “VHS” filter work so well in here, I lived for Lana’s whole look, she couldn’t have a more perfect running style, I melted when she put on The Weeknd’s sunglasses and look so hot in the them, and I’m just simply in love with this music video. The replay value of this is incredible! (I’ll make my personal goal to make this music video Lana’s most viewed on YouTube! Here I go!).

lana del rey red dress
By on May 22, 2017
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