Monica & Brandy: Live Duet On 'GMA'!

Monica & Brandy: Live Duet On 'GMA'!

R&B veterans Monica and Brandy snatched some wigs on Tuesday morning (April 10th) when they delivered a fierce performance of their collaboration "It All Belongs To Me" on ABC's 'Good Morning America'...Watch above! There's a short interview with Robin Roberts first!.

Today is the official retail release of Monica's seventh LP "New Life", and fingers crossed this 'GMA' apperance helps boost the always-important first-week sales. BTW, I don't know for sure, but I think this is all the release-week TV promotion 'New Life' is gonna get. Apparently, the people over at RCA Records don't have much faith put on Monica's new album, hence they're giving her only a 'GMA' slot this week. No Ellen? American Idol? xD. It's quite obvious Monica's new album is going to struggle to debut in the Top 5 next week. This era doesn't have a strong first single, in contrast to the 'Still Standing' days, which had the #1 R&B smash "Everything To Me". Although I really want to love "It All Belongs To Me", I got pretty tired of it pretty fast. It's been two months since it was released, and despite it's the so-called 'highly-anticipated new Monica/Brandy collaboration we've waiting for years', "It All Belongs To Me" hasn't cracked the Top 10 on Billboard's R&B chart yet, and, as of this post, it can't be found on iTunes USA's Top 100! Commenting on the 'Good Morning America' performance, the ladies SLAYED. They made the OK "It All Belongs To Me" sound GOOD. Amazing vocals! This is serious fierce stuff. Check it out!

Be honest: Is "It All Belongs To Me" the Monica/Brandy collabo' you were expecting?

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By on April 10, 2012

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