MØ Shares Her First Love Story In "Nostalgia": Song Premiere

mo nostalgia

is getting ready. She released a collaborations with Noah Cyrus and Diplo earlier this year. Now, she's dropped a new solo single called "Nostalgia". Will this finally be the commencement of her new era of a new album or EP? Hopefully! And hopefully this will be the era America finally falls in love with her. I don't really get why Americans haven't connected with MØ yet, though. Her songs are great. So I guess I must blame her label!

"Nostalgia" is a pop song with a tribal-esque beat where the Danish singer shares with us the story of her first love. That's the "nostalgia". It happened in 1997 she says, and although she isn't with that guy anymore, she remembers that they both "had a blast" and that the good memories of that young relationship make her happy. So why is MØ suddenly reminiscing about this old chapter in her life? Because the guy of her first love story is currently hurting because he's with nobody at the moment, so MØ is helping him with happy thoughts and assuring him that soon someone amazing will come to his life. "The sun shines when the cloud breaks", MØ reminds him. Aww, she's such a good experience girlfriend!

By the way, I'm loving how different this song is. The verses in particular with that unusual rhyming were so cool. MØ gave me Bjork vibes for a bit.


Read the lyrics to "Nostalgia" here

By on March 29, 2018
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