MØ Gets Played In Snakehips' "Don't Leave" Music Video: Watch

snakehips mo dont leave video
snakehips mo dont leave video premiere

Snakehips just gave their new single "Don't Leave" the music video treatment. And of course starring in it is song lead vocalist . The Danish singer did right thing accepting Snakehips' offer to be the female singer of "Don't Leave" because this song is amazing from production to lyrics! A huge hit I predict this will be (I hope the British production duo announces soon their full-length debut album... I seriously love all of their music. They're signed to Sony, by the way).

The electronic-pop ballad "Don't Leave" hears MØ begging her boyfriend to not leave her because without him her life would be over. This is the plot of the music video (watch below) but explaining a bit more in detail the reasons behind the couple's drama.

So what is it? The guy is going out with two girls at the same time. MØ and another female. And you know what? MØ will learn about it and instead of kicking his ass, she will fight to remain with him and be her one and only! GIRL, BYE.

PS: I know this 'guy with two chicks' drama happens unfortunately very often in real life but it's just that it irritates me to see girls not really appreciating themselves and willing to be 'slaves' of a guy just to be with him Anyways... "Don't Leave" is a good SONG, though. And there's no denying that. It's just so passionate and it resonates with you.

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By on January 19, 2017
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