MNEK Serves So Much Fierceness In “Tongue” Music Video: Watch Now!

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MNEK Serves So Much Fierceness In “Tongue” Music Video: Watch Now!

One of my favorites bops of 2018 so far, MNEK’s “Tongue”, received this week the music video treatment, and I couldn’t have imagined a better plot for the visual. The music video sees the mega-talented British singer-songwriter enjoying a feast at a large table with couples of various sexual orientations. MNEK will be seated at one end of the table and at the other one will be the other only lonely man in the room. He and MNEK will exchange eye contact and the hot chemistry between the two of them will be easily identifiable. They want each other. So as the music video passes, the wait staff will stand next to MNEK and they all will start to vogue a little, and a little later all of them will get on the table and start doing a whole new, more physically-demanding and so-fierce choreography. And at the end of the music video, MNEK’s love interest will also get on the table and MNEK will get the courage to whisper in his hear, using his beautiful tongue, “I think I love you, I think you’re the one”. BOOM!


Those MNEK braids are everything and he looked so hot in that pink outfit! He just slayed in this music video! I’ll be replaying this a lot! Thank you for this bop, man!

By on March 11, 2018

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